All of MSK’s activities will help a great majority if not all of women who report to My Sistar’s Keeper for love in that their self-esteem, appearance, and confidence level will have increased since coming in contact with us. They will become more comfortable and empowered in who they are. This will help them create a vision for self-awareness, their families, their futures, their potential businesses and help them understand that they can achieve more than they think they can. The knowledge, love, prayer and encouragement these women receive are vital to their success as they move forward to build their own futures, therefore, our mission and vision will have been carried out to empower and improve women in the community and around the world to help us move FORWARD.

Breast Cancer Awareness


Wigs Of Purpose

My Sistar’s Keeper’s mission is to empower and improve women in my community to expand globally. My Sistar’s Keeper works to improve the quality of life of women by reducing disparities through humanitarian assistance that will cultivate empowerment within. My Wig Exchange Program goal is to provide women/girls going through chemotherapy, regardless of economic status or geographic location access to wigs. With donation of wigs we ask for a donated cleansing fee to aid in taking the proper sanitary measures of care for any wig donated.


Lunch And Love Seminars

Motivational seminars over a lite lunch. Discussions around the table of life on the daily challenges in which are faced by women and girls.

Cupcake Wars, Icing For Change

Contestants will have pre-bake cupcakes, then make frosting and other goodies they can use to decorate their entries during competition. The winner will receive a trophy and notoriety as the best baker in the contest. Donated proceeds will help women and their children in the community with various documented needs to sustain life.

InspiHer Personal Presentation & Hygiene For Women

Donations of gently worn clothes, accessories, and personal hygiene products for women seeking employment where funds are not readily available to purchase professionally ready attire and daily personal care.

The following programs will be announced at a later date:
Depression in Women
Finance and Credit
Domestic Violence
Breast Cancer Awareness Seminars
Self Breast Exam
Beauty (me) and the Beast (cancer)
Diagnosis and Depression
More to come STAY TUNED!